About Us

It was truly the passion to create wealth for the investors, which led the foundation of Thakur Insurance & Investment Services (TIIS) in 1999. Since then we are providing personalized assistance to the investors in the investment process. Our services include mutual fund distribution and insurance broking services tailored for your current and future needs. Today we are leader in the area of investment services and created an excellent client base among Retail, HNI, NRI, Corporate & Institutional investors.


We understand that everyone aspires for the long term wealth creation and wants to achieve their financial goals, but in today’s volatile environment it is easier said than done while capital preservation is itself more important than capital growth. We believe that it requires different approach (from product centric to investor centric), strict investment discipline and over and above an intellectual edge. We also recognize that it requires different culture i.e. Integrity, long term commitment and passion. That is why we have adopted these cultures since our inception and operated within these moral frameworks.


Our vision is to become the most trusted financial distributor to all our investors.


We aim to be a preferred name among the best financial distribution firm in India by adopting the strategies in consonance with the above belief. We plan to realize this goal by striving in excellence in everything we do and always keep on nurturing our investors for more mature and everlasting relationship.


It has two broad meaning:

The color is Orange which is nice subdued blend between the aggressive red and the high-pitch of yellow - Orange is about excitement, adventure harmony, aspiration, intelligence and wholesomeness.

Emerging from the Lord Ganesha’s head is the elephant trunk. This trunk visually depicts a well-developed intellect that arises out of wisdom, the elephant head. Our intellect operates at both the levels of Science & Art. At the Scientific level we are clearly ahead in our thinking, which also denotes the high efficiency. At the level of Art our thinking is out of box, which suggests that we are always adoptable to the new situation.

TIIS Advantage:

  • We have relatively small office, but we invest heavily in technology in order to reach our investors quickly and outsource various type of good quality research for the benefit of investors, so that we have enough time to think our investors.
  • Over 15 years of experience in the field of financial services in India.
  • Customer centric (and not product-centric) approach.
  • Wide range of investment solutions across all asset classes.
  • Instant Access to your portfolio with a consolidated statement across all investments.
  • Confidentiality is a top priority in our client relationships. We appreciate the trust our clients place in us and never take that trust for granted. Naturally, any business we conduct is held in strict confidence - just as you would expect from a professional who is privy to your financial information.

For any query or information, please do contact us.